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Christ Fellowship Baptist Church

Christ Fellowship Baptist Church is a church where one’s faith in God grows daily, where one follows in the way of Christ, and fellowships in the power of His Holy Spirit.

Prayer Tabernacle COGIC

Our journey as a church continues. And we are thankful to be on that journey with you. We thank God for you.

MDL Ministries

MDL Ministries was founded by Dr. Marchelle D. Lee in 2012 as a way to spread the word and give back to those in need.  We are spreading the Gospel of Jesus and the wonderful works of mankind!

New Creation Christian Church

New Creation Christian Church

Bishop Wesley and Pastor Adriene Knight

1534 Broadway Brooklyn, NY 11221


 If You Need To Live Stream Your upcoming events

More info Call AL Garvin at 631-805-6951

" is an enterprise crafted by AL Garvin
who have been working in the area of video and the internet for
several years.

The purpose of this site is to provide churches an opportunity to
reach a global audience with their unique Christian message.  The
aim of this website, which is as much a ministry as it is a
website, is to assist churches carry out their mandate to go into
all the world with the gospel, absent the high costs that are
associated with similiar services.


We invite you to share this website with your neighbors and
friends.  It will constantly be updated with new material each
month as well expand and grow our offerings to a rapidly growing
list of ministries committed to media excellence.  If you, or any
of your colleagues, are looking for a medium to take your ministry
to the next level, do give us a call at (631) 805-6951.






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